CoDesign With Data

Everyday products and services increasingly monitor activity and gather fine-grained data. However, stripped of a rich understanding of human practice, these data become divorced from the lives they try to represent. CoDesign With Data is a new approach to design that takes these data and visualizes them so that stakeholders can creatively explore the stories, practices and contexts they represent, and gain deep insights that inspire meaningful design ideas ideas.The CoDesign With Data approach was developed by Graham Dove for his PhD. More details about Graham can be found at

Data from smart products contain fragmants of peoples' lives

Sharing insight builds designers' and stakeholders' understanding

Data from social media tell many alternative narratives

Insights, ideas and stories are shared in collaborative activities

Sharing stories helps investigate data contexts and practices

Data can help us explore what people do, think or feel

Making representations can help people understand data

Understanding data contexts helps us design better services